There are very few artists that I can say make an impression on me as both an artist myself and a listener. Eric Zayne is one of those artists for me. He is inspirational and captivating, and in my opinion is truly a musical genius. Eric is no stranger to the music industry as he wear many hats, literally and figuratively, and wears them quite well at that! He is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer, trained classically, with a wide variety of styles under his belt. Influenced by some of the best like Prince, and many others, that their spirit clearly lives on in his music. His newest single “Lost In Your Fire” came out on Jan 30, 2017 worldwide via all platforms, and has been quite the success. This is the first of many new singles to be released this year.

Upon listening to “Lost In Your Fire” the listener is immediately lost into sensual lyrics, passionate and explosive vocals, driving rhythms matching much like a pounding heart, created by Eric Zayne’s fierce drum work. While getting lost in the drums, the keyboard comes in ever so delicately, and while the ivories are being tickled and keeping us right on the edge, climactic shredding guitar comes in, providing this aural orgasm throughout the song, taking us all with him and getting lost in his fire and burning with this insatiable fever, with the compliments of those seductive lyrics at the end that  make this single swoon worthy to all the ladies especially. Everything about this single is incredible, from the lyrics and instrumentation  to the production. He truly goes all out on this one.

Those listeners of artists like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Awolnation, Alex Close, will especially enjoy listening. You will be glad you did. There is also a video just released to the single on Youtube. Directed by the amazing Colin Duffy.

Penny Phillips is a certified holistic health coach and singer/songwriter herself, with a love and passion for music be it listening to it, creating it, or singing it. She taught voice and piano to children through adults for over 16 years as well, and now does publicity for Eric Zayne and loving every minute of it.


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